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Load Cell Structure and Function

Load cell structure and function Load cells are used to measure weight and are an integral part of our daily lives. It can be seen everywhere, such as on supermarket counters or on highways. Of course, you usually cannot recognize them immediately because they are hidden in the instrument.   Load cells are usually composed […]

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WORKING PRINCIPLE OF SHEAR BEAM LOAD CELL Shear beam load cells are widely used where operators need to measure compressive forces. The core component of a shear beam load cell is a spring element. This element is a piece of metal that is elastically deformed under load and recovers the moment the load is removed. […]

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How to Choose the Right Load Cell

Since each option has its own unique advantages, the process of selecting a load cell is usually complicated. To be honest, different load cell applications have their own special requirements. Therefore, you should discuss the capacity requirements of the load cell with a knowledgeable supplier before choosing. The decision you make based on the load […]

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Load Cell Usage

Once the signal provided by the load cell is interrupted, the zero point is abnormal, or the indicated value jumps and drifts are found on the digital display, we can use an ordinary digital multimeter to find the fault link of the symmetrical load cell.   Measure the load cell with a multimeter   Fault […]

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