What Is the Difference between Weighing Module and Load Cell?

In some weighing applications of tanks, silos, and reactors, we usually recommend that you use weighing modules. You may have some doubts in your mind: what is the difference between a load cell and a weighing module? First of all, the use of weighing modules is different from that of load cells. The weighing modules […]

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What Are the Main Applications of Load Cells?

The load cell is mainly used to measure weight. It is used in various electronic weighing instruments, industrial control fields, online control, installation overload alarms, material testing machines and other fields. The application equipment includes electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales, electronic forklifts, and dynamic axles. Weighing scales, electronic hook scales, electronic pricing scales, electronic […]

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Common Types of Load Cells

With the development of the times, traditional electronic weighing instruments have become less and less satisfied with the needs of social development, which has promoted the development of electronic weighing instruments to a certain extent. The progress of its load cell technology is the main driving force for its development. The principles of the technology […]

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Several Elements of Choosing A Load Cell

On the market, the load cell called the weighing heart, an output device that converts quality signals into measurable electrical signals. Its performance determines the accuracy and stability of electronic weighing to a large extent. Four elements of load cell selection One: the stability of choice After a period of use of the load cell, […]

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8 Steps to Choose the Correct Weighing Module

The weighing module is a new type of weighing element, which combines the weighing load cell, load transfer device and installation connectors and other components, and can be easily connected with various shapes of mechanical devices, such as hopper weighing, Tank weighing, reactor weighing, etc. can be divided into cantilever beam weighing module, column weighing […]

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When to use a load cell?

A load cell measures mechanical force, mainly the weight of objects. Today, almost all electronic weighing scales use load cells for the measurement of weight. They are widely used because of the accuracy with which they can measure the weight. Load cells find their application in a variety of fields that demand accuracy and precision. […]

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What is the load cell amplifier?

Let’s see what a load cell amplifier is. Let’s see what a load cell is. A load cell is an electronic device that converts an electrical signal into a force that can then be measured. In a nutshell, it’s a device that allows us to measure the project and load – measuring forces that provide […]

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